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Lake Travis High School – Art I Syllabus 2020-2021

Dear Art I Students, Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Art I at Lake Travis High School. We are excited to be your art teachers for the 2020-2021. We will go over the information below in class, and the student and parent/guardian will need to fill out a Google form acknowledging that they have read and accepted the art room rules and procedures. You can also access the google form by visiting 

Parents and students will be able to find this information and keep updated on class happenings on our Lake Travis ISD Schoology website

We look forward to having a wonderful year with you in Art I.


Bohye Na, Caleigh Taylor, Elizabeth Jewett & Jennifer Nowzaradan


Course Description

Grade: 9-12                         Credit: 1                  Course number: #1701

This course is an introduction to the basic elements and principles of design. It will deal with basic drawing design techniques as well as introducing several different mediums for students to explore. Students will have the opportunity to examine art, artists and engage in various art processes including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and sketchbook submissions. Students will learn to use creative problem-solving and critical analysis through execution of project and critique. 


Course Schedule

9 Week Subject


1st 9wks

·  Unit 1: Perspective Drawing

·  Unit 2: Contour line Drawing                                                         

Illusion of depth using 1-point perspective and 2-point perspective techniques.

Drawing using the most basic form, outline to build observational skills.


2nd 9wks

·  Unit 3: Value

·  Unit 4: Watercolor

Drawing from observation using value scale.

Introduction to color and learn watercolor techniques to paint realistic objects.

3rd 9wks

·  Unit 5: Color Pencil

·  Unit 6: Sculpture

Continuation of color and learn to draw portraits.

Learning to translate 

2-dimensional lines to 3-dimensional form using wires. 

4th 9wks

·  Unit 7: Ceramic

·  Unit 8: Printmaking

·  Unit 9: Acrylic Paint

Introduction of Clay and basic hand building technique.

Learn to prepare master print & make multiple artworks using linocut printmaking technique

Continuation of color and learn how to paint using Acrylic paint.


Rules and Procedures

In addition to the Lake Travis High School Rules, the following rules and policies will be in effect at all times.



Students will show respect at all times. This includes respect for other students and their differences, other student’s projects, for the art room, art supplies, and the teacher. Students will be expected to clean up after themselves. This includes cleaning the desk, properly cleaning equipment, putting away their project and supplies, and placing all trash in the trash can.



Teachers will follow the LTHS tardy policy. Students who are not in their class at 8:50 a.m. shall go to the Main Office or Annex Office for a tardy pass. If a student misses less than 15 minutes of a class period, the student will be counted tardy. If a student misses 15 minutes or more of a class period, the student will be counted absent for the entire period. A student who is tardy to class may be subject to disciplinary action.

Students will not be given additional class time to work on their artwork if they are tardy; they will need to stay for tutorials or work on a project at home if they fall behind due to tardiness. 


Cell Phones

Student use of personal telecommunications and other electronic devices in school is allowed, subject to the LTISD Student Code of Conduct, LTISD Student Acceptable Use Policy, and the discretion of the teacher. Teachers will direct students in the appropriate use of personal telecommunications and other electronic devices, which at times may be encouraged, and at other times may require that the devices are to be turned off and put away for certain activities. Personal telecommunications and other electronic devices, including smart watches, may not be allowed to disrupt classes or educational purposes. Personal telecommunications and other electronic devices may be collected by the teacher to prevent disruption to the learning environment. *Students are NOT allowed to take their phone to the restroom during class period. 


Working/Turning in Assignments

Students are expected to be on task at all times. They are required to have a pencil, eraser and sketchbook with them to class everyday. If they get behind, they must find time after school or at home to complete their art assignment. For every excused absence, students will be allotted the same number of school days to turn in their assignment(s). If a student has unexcused absences, they will receive one extra day to turn in the assignment.  If we have moved on to another assignment, it is expected that they finish their incomplete assignment at home or after school.



Tutorials will be offered during the Genius period and on Tuesday of each week from 2:45-3:30 unless otherwise posted. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation home. Near the end of the grading period or deadlines for contests there will be additional tutorial days depending upon the teacher’s schedule. Students unable to attend tutorials due to conflicts will need to make an appointment for an alternate tutorial time.


Late Work

All assignments are due on the due date. All late work will be zero on your gradebook until it is turned in on schoology. All late assignments must be submitted on schoology 5 days before the each grading period for an updated grade. 

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to view missed lessons on Schoology. Watch instructional videos and read all assignment details before returning to class.


Honor Code: Art 1 is an academic class. This class will be conducted under an honor code. All students will be expected to do their own work. Students’ work must be original and contain original sources taken by the student. That Use of published items, and/or another artists’ work is prohibited.

All Schoology submissions must include the students name located on the bottom right hand corner in order to receive a credit. 



Sketchbook assignments will be given every day. If a student is absent on the due date, the sketch is due the day they return. No additional days will be given unless there are extraordinary circumstances. Sketches must be in the sketchbook. Sketches are daily practices to improve their drawing skills and should not take more than 15 minutes per day. They may be done at home or in class when the student has a few minutes of extra time. Sketchbook assignments will be posted on the Lake Travis ISD Schoology website, and it is the student’s responsibility to check if they are absent when the assignment is given in class.

Restroom Passes

Students will not be allowed to use the restroom during the first 10 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes of class. Students are expected to take care of their needs during the passing period. If there is an emergency, the student will need to ask for a pass.



Students in Art I are eligible to enter in the contest if they choose to compete. Students who compete in any art competitions should meet the UIL eligibility requirements. We strongly encourage students to participate in the Visual Art Scholastic Event in February.  More information will be given out in class.


Art Materials

Under normal circumstances, we would distribute art supplies in class. However, with global pandemic, we kindly ask all students to prepare below supplies at home.  We have worked hard to select specific brands of supplies for you. Our goal was to create convenience by providing links to amazon so that you do not have to hunt down specific supplies for art.


We do expect high demands of art supplies on large corporations like amazon, as

most schools would practice similar methods of distribution. If any of the links below is out of stock, please contact your art teacher for different recommendations.


Item number 5 and 6 could also be replaced with any of the art drawing kits listed under Fall alternative options. Please note that these alternative options are cost effective but have a very limited number in stock.

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