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Congratulations Alanis Lee and Griselda Rivera


Crockett Artists Win Big at VASE Competition 2014

On February 26, 2011, Crockett High School competed in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event. Twenty-two works of art earned a District Rating of IV (highest rating) and 4 others earned a rating of III (second highest rating).

Texas Art Educators Association


Visual Arts Scholastic Event


Feb. 26, 2011

San Marcos High School


District Rating IV Medal (Highest Honors)


Maria Arias, 11 “Mi Afan, Mi Aurora” Acrylic Painting

Maria Arias, 11 “Dogma de Fe” Acrylic Painting

Molly Barnaby-Kirby, 10 “Trigger Happy” Block Printmaking

Molly Barnaby-Kirby, 10 “Cake” Block Printmaking

Adriana Becerra, 10 “Unlocking the Mystery” Watercolor Painting

Tierney Curry, 10 “It Makes Perfect Sense” Mixed Media

Danielle Drummond, 10 “Acceptance” Prismacolor Drawing

Sha’Riq Fagan, 12 “In the Air” Watercolor Painting

Ashley Herrera, 9 “Self Surrealism” Tempera Painting

Michael Houston, 12 “My Thoughts” Ink Drawing

Kevin Krang, 11 “Bike” Block Printmaking

Lea Louvet, 12 “Attempt to Rest Above Pressure” Prismacolor Drawing

Lea Louvet, 12 “Shattered Mask” Prismacolor Drawing

Mariah Mejia, 9 “Surprises” Ink Drawing

Traci Partida, 11 “Prehistoric Brother” Tempera Painting

Traci Partida, 11 “Dreams Only Last for a Night” Mixed Sculpture

Tate Reagan, 12 “Boxes” Ink Drawing

Tate Reagan, 12 “Drip” Mixed Sculpture

Flor Sandoval, 12 “Under” Mixed Media

Flor Sandoval, 12 “Skeleton” Mixed Media

Penny Vass, 12 “Baroque Vision” Charcoal Drawing

Penny Vass, 12 “In My Room” Prismacolor Drawing


District Rating III (High Honors)


Jocelyn Dominguez, 11 “Diet” Block Printmaking

Sha’Riq Fagan, 12 “Ancestry Within” Acrylic Painting

Michael Houston, 12 “The Cold” Tempera Painting

Jacinda Smith, 12 It’s a Mad World” Mixed Sculpture


Art Teachers


Cristina Coro-Dickson Erin Lane Jennifer Nowzaradan Joan Welch


Crockett VASE Competition 2013: 36 Students Medal, 2 Medal Level IV at State

Crockett Art Department wins many awards at this year's VASE Art Competition.

Texas Art Educators Association Visual Arts Scholastic Event VASE 2013 UIL Bryan High School Bryan, Texas State Medal Rating IV April 6,013 Merial Marcum, 11 “Dandelion” Ink Drawing Nicole Sanchez, 12 “A Lifetime in Japan”Color Pencil Merial Marcum, 11 $100 Scholarship for 2-D Workshop Art Teachers Jennifer Nowzaradan & Joan Welch Texas Art Educators Association Visual Arts Scholastic Event VASE 2013 UIL Feb.16, 2013 San Marcos High School Regional Medal Rating IV & District Medal Rating IV Going to State April 6, 2013 Merial Marcum, 11 “Dandelion” Ink Drawing Nicole Sanchez, 12 “A Lifetime in Japan” Color Pencil District Medal Rating IV Gisella Alcarez, 12 “Gilbert, Sasha, & Brittany” Charcoal Drawing Gisella Alcarez, 12 “Underwater Overland” Prismacolor Drawing Hazera Begum, 12 “Merging World” Prismacolor Drawing Hazera Begum, 12 “Rococo Window” Charcoal Drawing Michelle Bryant, 9 “The Woof” Prismacolor Drawing Aldo Boldo-Ramirez, 12 “Abuelita” Prismacolor Drawing Hailee Bonilla, 11 “Africa” Prismacolor Drawing Hailee Bonilla, 11 “Musical Transformation” Acrylic Painting Caroll Cayman, 10 “Cat Fishing” Prismacolor Drawing Jessica Fajardo Benitez, 11 “Egyptian Fantasy” Tempera Painting Jessica Fajardo Benitez, 11 “Jungle” Prismacolor Drawing Xylina Cardiel, 12 “Carmen” Prismacolor Drawing Xylina Cardiel, 12 “1,000 Thousand Splendid Fetuses” Mixed Media Vanessa Garza, 12 “Study of Hands” Prismacolor Drawing Miriam Gomez, 12 “Celtic Movement” Mixed Media Miriam Gomez, 12 “Aztec Visions” Mixed Media Eddie Gonzalez, 12 “Turquoise” Mixed Media Eddie Gonzalez, 12 “New Life” Mixed Media Brynne Jones, 10 “Grasshopper” Metal Sculpture Jeska Juarez, 11 “Watching the Cynical Takeover” Prismacolor Drawing Taslima Keya, 12 “Dance on the Wind” Ink Drawing Marcie Landin, 11 “Volando Ballena” Acrylic Painting Marcie Landin, 11 “Tres Jarrones” Charcoal Drawing Josie Martin, 12 “Stitches” Mixed Media Josie Martin, 12 “The Blues” Mixed Media Mariah Meija, 11 “Reaching Hands” Prismacolor Drawing Phuong Nguyen,11 “Music in Nature” Prismacolor Drawing Phuong Nguyen,11 “Healing Hands” Prismacolor Drawing Karigan Pericoli, 11 “Cluelessness” Printmaking Nicole Sanchez, 12 “Here They Come” Prismacolor Drawing Brianna Saucedo, 9 “Splat of Color” Oil Pastels Heidi Wrobel, 10 “The Wandering Plunderer” Prismacolor Drawing District Rating III William Colson, 11 “Raven” Color Pencil William Colson, 11 “Natural Beauty” Color Pencil Miranda Duran,11 “My Dear Friend” Mixed Media Vanessa Garza, 12 “Mirrored Image” Ink Drawing Griselda Hernandez, 12 “Nature Walk” Prismacolor Drawing Taslima Keya, 12 “Amazing World” Prismacolor Drawing Zoe Lane, 10 “Me Oh My” Mixed Media Mariah Meija, 11 “Dancing Girl” Ink Drawing Megan Ontiveros, 10 “Tribal Dreams” Prismacolor Drawing Karigan Pericoli, 11 “Intriguing Humans” Mixed Media Lauren Pierron, 12 “Oh, Michelle” Mixed Media Lauren Pierron, 12 “Time Out” Gouache Painting Katherine Rojas, 9 “Technicolor Dreams” Oil Pastels Hilda Tinoco, 9 “Bleeding Sun” Oil Pastels Art Teachers Erin Lane Jennifer Nowzaradan Joan Welch


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