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Technology Resources


Technology Resources for the AP Studio Art Classroom


iPastels – Free app for iPad

SketchbookX – Free app for iPad

Brushes – Free app for iPad


Styluses for iPad: Dollar Store, Wal-Mart


WordPress – Free blogging website with safety filter


Gimp – Free photoshop type program; save files as .jpg


For photos: Epson 3880 inkjet printer; eight cartridges @ $50 each


TEDTalks – Technology/Education/Design Lectures


Graffiti Me - $1 app to alter photograph with picture distortions– Website updated hourly/daily with artwork; search by media; has links to websites with artworks – 2D Design/Graphic Design/Illustration website updated daily


PosablePro – Downloadable app with poseable manikin


Hipstamatic – App that simulates older model cameras and allows you choose different types of film. Allows you to choose F-stop.


Memory Chain – Create a paper chain with 24 links (to represent each artwork for portfolio), in a different color for each student. Have students remove chains as they complete artworks


Drop Box – Online/app file storage site; can share files/folders. Free up to a certain size of storage. Pay for extra storage.


Pieces, Product & Process – Three grades for each project


Sol LeWitts - Advice to Eva Hess on YouTube; salty language


Pixlr – Free photo filtering program/app


Remind101 – Free app to send reminders to students and parents via text message on phone. Students and parents can sign up; anonymous texts. Can set up a class by period/content level


Light Room – Photography paid program/free? app/organization tool


Adobe Creative Cloud for Teachers – Adobe products for $25 a month


Adobe Creative Cloud for Students  - Adobe products for $10 a month – Online video tutorials; paid site


Camtasia -  Create your own video tutorials


Prezi – Online presentation app; alternative to PowerPoint


Shmoop – Paid website. Drills, practice exams and practice tests for AP Art History; review tool


Khan Academy – Free online tutorial website with art history resources.


Voice Thread – Free app to record voice or write commentary/responses. Use to have students respond to works

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