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Students will Establish a Visual Vocabulary and learn the Elements of Art and how they are applied to Design Principles.




Basic Shading Skills: Greyscale Study

Students will learn value shading in a variety of drawing media.

Ink , Graphite, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Acrylic, Pastel

Intro to Charcoal

Perception Buliding  Blind Contour Drawing

* Daily warm up

Assignment: Sketch Book Activity

-Students will create a series of 5 blind contour hands and 3 blind contour still life objects

-Drawings will demonstrate an increase in students visual perception level.


Blind contour drawing helps you develop hand eye communication. Contour drawing is essentially outline drawing, and blind contour means drawing the outline of the subject with out looking at the paper. The end result does not matter. What is important is carefully observing the subject.

 Intro to Perspective- Warm up

Exploring the use of Art Element  "Space"

Sketchbook Assignment: Perspective


- Students will learn to draw forms using 2 point perspective 

- Students will learn to use a horizon line and vanishing points to create the illusion of space

- Students will learn to use Foreground, Middle Ground and Background and apply it to their Still Life Drawing

 Observation Drawing PART 1

1.Students create 6 Thumbnail sketches exploring composition with still life objects

2. Students set up a composition and take a photo using

rule of thirds. 

3.Draw a contour line sketch of overlapping obejects

4.shade using medium of choice

5.Choose a minimum of 5 objects to include in your composition

  • Observe shadows and highlights. Shade “values” smooth and gradual from dark to light to create the objects “Form”.

  • Arrange subject matter differently in each sketch 

  • You will choose one composition or combine two for your final drawing


-Students will improve drawing skills

-Students will experiment with composition and become more familiar with drawing from observation

-Students will learn to shade “Values” from dark to light drawing the objects “Form”



Final Draft Composition



Assignment: 12x18 on drawing paper using graphite Students complete composition using line and shape. 


Objectives: Students will improve drawing skills and composition. Students will learn to draw an overlapping composition that creates the illusion of space using Foreground, Middle Ground and Back Ground

Light and Shade Vocabulary

Value Shading 

Final Still Life Complete

Assignment: Objects in final drawing must have a minimum of 5-7 shades of Value. Highlights and shadows must demonstrate contrast. Before the assignment will be accepted students are to correct proportions and complete Value Shading. 



Ceramics and Clay Procedures