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Assignment 1: Drawing from Observation

Ink Texture Techniques

(formative assignment contour line drawing)AUGUST 29-25



Students will improve ink drawing skills & techniques using 5 or more textures to demonstrate Value. 

Students improve Value

shading skills with ink by drawing using a 

variety of lines and textures. Students

improve design skills by creating a original 

composition that demonstrates Form and may

have the illusion of space using Forground & Background.


Assignment: Students create an original still life

composition using a variety of textures and

lines that demonstrate Value and Form. 

Students will create an underpainting using water color. Students will create 50"marks" no darker than a midtone


Vocubulary discussed: Overlapping, forground, middle ground, background, Stippling, woodgrain, cross hatching, hatching, scumble, contour line, mark  making, composition, highlight, midtone, shadow

Advanced Still Life


Objectives: Students will improve color pencil techniques

and perception. Students will improve composition and design skills. 


1.Start -Create a rough draft design and select and collage the paper media for your background.

-Still Life composition must be draw from direct observation



-Begin to lightly sketch your overlapping objects

3. Completed Mixed Media Still Life 

Students use color pencil techniques to complete shading the values and form of the subject matter. Color pencil techniques may be determined by collage media.


Drawing from observation mix media

Landscape Drawing

Students will become familiar with a variety of drawing, brayer, and watercolor techniques to create a drawing with a background, middle ground and foreground. Students will be able to choose the mediums of their choice to create a landscape their drawing. Students are required to create a variety of textures or patterns to define the surface quality of their landscape. Students will experiment with different drawing techniques and mediums to determine how to create their desired results. Students will create the illusion of space with in a landscape of their choice. Mediums used: Watercolor, liquid india ink, ink pens ink pads, graphite, charcoal and colored pencil. 
Students set up their own still life

Cut paper design- open topic

Students will improve design skills and create a balanced composition and unique design portraying the contour of the imagery of their choice. Students will create a contour line drawing using positive and negative space. Careful use of art blades and smooth cutting will capture details. 

Step 1: Students create a rough draft drawing defing the contour and details of their subject.

Step 2: Students reproduce or transfer their drawing to colored paper of their choice. Students may create as many layers as neede to create the illusion of space or Unity in their design.

Skeletal Anatomy

Objectives: Students will become familiar with human anatomy, the skeletal structure and learn basic proportions. In the next lesson students will use the skeletal form to draw the figure. Students must understand the framework on the inside in order to draw the outside

* Students will be provided with either a 22' or 36' anatomically correct skeletal model to observe.


* Students may choose paper type and medium of their choice for their final draft.

 Gesture Drawing  

(formative Assignment)


Students will improve figure drawing

skills. Students will improve their perception of proportions of human figure. Students will explore drawing using expressive line to

create Form.


Students will complete a series of

15 Gesture Drawings 30 seconds each from observation on newsprint. Drawings should show form, weight and movement. Try to express the feeling of the pose.Figures should be drawn rapidly with out pre-thinking. Lines in the firgure should show


* Practice drawing the figures on the right using as few lines as possible to campture the poses. Draw quickly and begin with 2 strong lines that define the position of the pose  

Features of the Face and Portrature

Objectives: Students will improve shading skills and learn to eliminate outlines when drawing facial features. Students will shade contrasting skin tones values and shade smooth transitions. 

Procedure: Students use drawing medium of choice and are expected to research, combine and experiment with different drawing medium and paper surfaces

Assignment 3 Ink and Figure Elements 

Rough Draft Figure in Motion DUE SEPTEMBER 13 

Students incorporate a figure in motion with

Ink designs, textures and patterns

- Figure may be positive or negative


Objectives: Students improve figure drawing and ink drawing techniques, Students improve design skills.


Assignment 4:Completed Ink And Figure Elements 

Final Ink Drawing 12x18 inches Summative Assignment DUE SEPTEMBER 19th 

Student demonstrate a variety of Ink drawing textures and patterns from their Abstract Ink Drawing and Jesture Drawing to create a new original composition.


Assignment 5:Written Critique ART CRITICISM

Assignment 3  Blind Contour Hands Exercise

Students will learn about Renaissance Artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Students will sharpen perception skills by drawing using blind contour strategies. Students will   become more familiar with drawing hands and contour line drawing.


Assignment 4  Renaissance Hands Composition

- 5-7 hands overlapping, hands should not be flat

- Student draw detailed hands overlapping in a unique composition

- Hands should come from different angles



Assignment 5  Renaissance Hands Shaded using 6 hues of Brown or 

Analogous color study.          

Overlapp colors to belnd deeper colors

OBJECTIVES: Students will learn to show values (light medium and dark) Students will learn to repeat vales throughout design



Renaissance Hands Handout
Renaissance Hand  Study


What is Surrealism?

Materials 12x18 black drawing paper or poster board

White charcoal pencil, black charcoal, colored pencils



Students will learn to draw using highlights, students will improve shading technique, students will learn to recognoze the pattern of texture and determine values,

Students will explore design concepts. 



Choose a subject to draw

Animals with fur, Birds with feathers faces with expression, buildings




Animal Drawing

Zoom Images 

Abstract Oil Pastel

Working with Color Theory
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